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Restaurant Review - Gringo Dave - Closed for the season as of Mar 6, 2016

Written by Rob Mukai on Jan. 12, 2016

Located right at the entrance to town, Gringo Dave’s sign says International and Wild Seafood. That sounds kind of weird but it is surprisingly delicious. Gringo Dave’s is run by a Japanese man, Go Nakamura, He takes local...

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Leaky Palapa Supper Club - Closed for the season as of May 8, 2016

Written by Rob Mukai on Jan. 12, 2016

When I first started coming to Xcalak, going to eat at the Leaky Palapa was always the highlight (Unless you happen to catch a permit ;). Who would expect a fine dining establishment in this remote part of the world? But...

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Toby's Restaurant

Written by Rob Mukai on Jan. 20, 2016

Toby’s is in the middle of Xcalak town and serves fresh seafood and more traditional Mexican fare such as tacos and quesadilla as well. Toby’s also has complementary wifi for those that need to stay connected. Although he...

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Silvia's Restaurant

Written by Rob Mukai on Jan. 26, 2016

Silvia’s is right next to Toby’s on the main drag of Xcalak, but set back a few yards from the road. Silvia serves fresh seafood and Mexican dishes. All are made to order, so this is not fast food. During the lobster season you...

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Restaurant review - Costa de Cocos

Written by Rob Mukai on Jan. 30, 2016

Located inside the Costa de Cocos resort, they brew their own craft beer and distill their own moonshine. The restaurant has Pizza, as well as other traditional dishes, like tacos and even chicken fingers. Their signature pizza...

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Mayan Grill at Tierra Maya

Written by Rob Mukai on Feb. 09, 2016

Update April 13, 2017: Added image of Mayan Grill Menu

Located in the Tierra Maya hotel. The restaurant is in a palapa roofed building with nice wooden furniture. With the Leaky Palapa closed, this is the upper end...

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Restaurant Review - Asadero El Pollo

Written by Rob Mukai on Sep. 18, 2016

So I am a bit of a foody, and one of the things I like is finding out of the way eateries that are punching way above their weight class. Sometimes it’s a pastry cart in Bangkok, or an Oden cart in Tokyo on a winter’s day that...

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Restaurant Review - El Pocito

Written by Rob Mukai on Sep. 18, 2016

When coming to Xcalak, sometimes flights force you to spend a night or two in Cancun. If you are like me and the thought of going to a Señor Frogs or Coco Bongo for dinner makes your skin crawl, I have a different type of...

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Leaky Palapa Restaurant - Updated Dec. 1, 2017

Written by Rob Mukai on Nov. 29, 2016

UPDATE: Linda and Marla are back for the 2017/18 Season! They opened the week before US Thanksgiving. They have added new items including a fried cheese ravioli appetizer, Chipotle Burger, Marla's Fish and Chips and a Tuna...

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Restaurant Review - Savora Bakhalal

Written by Rob Mukai on Dec. 30, 2016

If you are on a daytrip to Bacalar, or to the ruins at Dzibanche and you want to get some good food. Give Savora Bakhalal a try. It is an Italian...

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Restaurant Review - Porque No Gelato

Written by Rob Mukai on Dec. 31, 2016

Right on the main square in Bacalar, there is a small gelato shop called Porque No (means Why Not?). And indeed why not get a hand made gelato or sorebeto made with fresh fruit, on a hot day in Bacalar. If you are in...

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Restaurant Review - Las Delicias

Written by Rob Mukai on Jul. 26, 2018

This place was recommended to me by a bellman at the 4 Points by Sheraton. And it is a great find. You won't find any gringos at this place. It is located just before the turnoff to the CUN airport on 307 on the southbound...

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Restaurant Review - La Braceria

Written by Rob Mukai on Aug. 05, 2018


If you are staying in Tulum on your way down to Xcalak, and you have a hankering for a good steak, give La Braceria a try.

Our Experience

So we went to La Braceria on the recommendation of one of...

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Restaurant Review - Market at Filipe Carillo Puerto

Written by Rob Mukai on Aug. 15, 2018

Ok, another post of a not quite restaurant. This is in the Market at Filipe Carillo Puerto. Driving down from Cancun, Filipe Carillo Puerto is the largest town you will run into south of Tulum. It is roughly half way...

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