2018 Improvements to the Inn

Written by Rob Mukai on Jan. 02, 2019

Tags: Xcalak Acocote Eco Inn Improvements

Here are some of the new things we have added or improved at the Inn in 2018. In no particular order.

New Catrina Palometa Fishing Shirts

1. New Acocote Eco Inn Fishing Shirts
2. 2 new refrigerators
3. 1 new stove

Tailer's Art Tarpon

4. Original Tailer’s Artwork for sale in the rooms

Maps in Palapa

5. Maps of the area in the Palapa (Thanks Alex)

Local Artwork

6. New local artwork in the Palapa.

New Kitchen in the Palometa Suite

7. Renovated Palometa suite kitchen
8. Repaired concrete on north side of building

Talavera Light Fixtures

9. Talavera Outdoor Light Fixtures

Iguana on the wall

10. Talavera Iguana :)

New sink in the Palapa

11. Talavera sink in Palapa
12. New ceramic frying pans for all the kitchens.

SUP on the Fly Boards at the Inn!

13. SUP on the Fly paddle boards

New Aimstar Earrings for sale at the Inn

14. New Aimstar Earrings

18 Blog Posts, great trips to Calakmul, Valladolid, a fun Tuna trip (Thanks Michael), and lots of great guests! Thanks for a great 2018, and looking forward to seeing you in 2019!